What's in this stuff anyway?

Ingredients. We all look (or purposefully don't look!). We want good stuff in our food, preferably in the all-natural, we can pronounce it, we can even recognize it categories. When I began making granola, it was just another product for my bakery. My bakery philosophy? Great flavor, great ingredients, 100% made from scratch. We wouldn't want to make anything else!

So what's in the granola? Well, of course all the flavors are different. We don't just interchange the nuts and call it something else - we want the perfect balance for each of our varieties.

But there are some ingredients that are in all of our flavors: Oats, honey, brown sugar, canola oil, vanilla, and pink Himalayan sea salt. All non-GMO. That's the basis, the foundation of our granola.

Each flavor is then crafted to have the perfect balance by tweaking the measurements, adding nuts and seeds, spice, and dried fruits.

Honey Sea Salt, one of our original flavors, has almonds, peanuts, pepitas, and sunflower seeds. It's got that salty/sweet yin and yang that will keep you coming back for more.

To Cranberry, originally called Christmas Cranberry, we add some maple syrup and up the vanilla for a deeply nuanced flavor profile. Almonds, pepitas and dried cranberries give it crunch and a nice sweet/tart bite.

Cinnamon Pecan has the perfect cinnamon flavor, with chopped pecans and crunchy pepitas.

Tropical, our other original flavor, is our most decadent - it's full of almonds, dried mango, dried pineapple, and unsweetened bits of coconut. And Honey Fig is reminiscent of the Middle East - walnuts and figs, pepitas, and hemp hearts blend together for a delicious bite.

Next up? We're working on a new flavor, Morning Espresso, right now. Why not combine your morning Joe with your morning go-to breakfast -- or maybe you need an afternoon pick-me-up to get through the day. Once we've perfected it, we'll post it with all it's delicious ingredients. Stay tuned!